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Let’s cover which courses you need in order to …

Become an NRA Pistol Instructor!

  1. NRA Basic Pistol Student (8-Hours; $99)
  2. NRA Basic Instructor Training (aka “BIT”; 6-Hours; $99)
  3. NRA Pistol Instructor (10-Hours; $199)
  • Select our 3-Course Pistol Instructor Program at $397.
  • If you have already completed NRA Basic Pistol, you don’t need to take it again but it must have been the official NRA, instructor-led student course not the blended-online or a non-NRA course.  Register for just the BIT + Pistol Instructor courses at $298.
  • If you have already completed the NRA BIT course within the last 24 months, you do not need to take it again and you may register for individual courses instead of the 3-Course Pistol Instructor Program.

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